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Simplify compliance and supercharge your analysis with in-depth, non-financial insights from the Aktis platform.

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Integrating and understanding the impact of non-financial factors into everyday company decisions is key to the creation of sustainable long-term value and a healthy, well-functioning market. Shareholders, customers, employees and society as a whole expect greater accountability and transparency.



Enhance your supervisory oversight capabilities, accelerate investigations, optimise team co-ordination and streamline knowledge sharing and retention.



Quickly identify potential clients, enrich your advice, reduce preparation time and speed up project delivery. 


Company Secretaries

Empower your Board, accelerate Board pack preparation, rapidly zero into key challenges and anticipate risks and improvements. 



Navigate in-depth data, quickly identify trends, discover new relationships and test your hypotheses. 

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Discern powerful insights, drive performance excellence and deliver winning results.

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